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Ul. Bronowicka 37

30-084 Kraków

Pon – czw : 8:00 do 21:00

Pt : 8:00 do 20:00


Our teachers

Małgorzata Neuburger

Na, wie geht’s? Nazywam się Małgorzata, lub Margarete i uczę już od 19 lat w Prologu. Prowadzę zajęcia na różnych poziomach i często odpowiadam na pytania typu: dlaczego z ”der,die,das” robi się nagle ”dem,der,dem”, który czasownik idzie z jakim przypadkiem i dlaczego Genitiv powoli ”umiera”. Oprócz tego staram się na zajęciach z konwersacji zachęcić kursantów do rozmowy i pokazać, że język niemiecki to coś więcej niż piosenki Rammstein-u.

Ewa Grondal

My name is Ewa Grondal, I graduated from McGill University in Montreal (Canada) with a Master of Art. I am teaching French and Polish as a foreign language. Languages are ma passion and I enjoy transmitting it to my students. I love grammar (!!!), literature, Romance Languages and theater.

Ron Mukerji

The teacher… the friend… the solutions-provider. My motto in life is “Aim for the moon… even if you don’t make it to the moon, you’ll be among stars” I get high on ‘knowledge’ on any given subject. As they say … I got too much life…running through my veins… And I forgot to add, I hate unsolved problems.


Hi! My name is Anna. I am open and curious and I adore languages, English in particular. Ask me any question, and if I don’t know the answer, I will make it my mission to find it. Maybe the only thing I love more than languages is travelling… oh, and of course, my cat.

Yimi Audu

I’m curious person and I haven’t met a challenge that I haven’t conquered. I started teaching English 4 years ago, because a lot of my friends wanted to learn this daring language. I work with adults and kids. Working in Prolog has helped me improve this interest immensely. The best part of teaching for me is the fact that I am a teacher, but I get to experience culture, life and see the world from the perspective of my students (from the adults and also the kids).

Thomas McGeary

Hello, I’m Thomas and I was born in Glasgow, Scotland but lived most of my life in England. I started visiting Kraków many years ago and made quite a few friends here. Around 2013 I decided to come and stay and I have made a life here now. Quite a lot of my life has been devoted to teaching or learning one subject or another over the years, and it’s something I really enjoy. As so many teachers say it’s a great pleasure to meet with people, pass on knowledge whilst getting something back in return. I like working at Prolog. The atmosphere is warm and fun and yet there is also a great deal of professionalism and care.

Ed O’Donovan

My name’s Ed and I’m originally from north-west England. I’ve spent the last seven years teaching English, split between Poland, China, Saudi Arabia and my homeland. My background prior to teaching is rooted in philosophy, politics and the charity sector, areas that continue to interest me very much. I hold a BA in Philosophy, an MSc in Development and an MA in Applied Linguistics. I spend most of my time teaching and travelling, though I also occasionally write academic papers, work that’s been recognised with a British Council award. I’ve had a desire to live and work in Poland for quite some time, and this dream finally came true for me in September 2020.

Sat Maharajh

Ready to learn I love to create a fun, interactive and communicative classroom. Come and have a chat in English.

Alex S. Mrazek

Hello Everyone, my name is Alex. I am an English Teacher with a BA in TEFL and a Masters in Applied Linguistics from The University of Liverpool. I have worked with both monolingual and mixed nationality groups of learners from close to 20 different countries. I started teaching in 2004 and wouldn’t want to do anything else. My job is the best in the world ! I get to share my passion for language with students, show them how beautiful, fascinating and useful English is. Yet most importantly, teaching gives me the opportunity and the pleasure to meet incredible people wherever I travel to work. I like learning new languages; apart from English and Polish I speak a bit of Spanish and now I am attempting Chinese. That gives me the chance to put myself in my students’ shoes and thus appropriately support them on their own journey.

Janusz Madej

Hi, my name is Janusz. People often ask me: “Why do you teach English?” Hmm, good question. I’ve always done so many different things in my life – from steering a narrowboat on UK’s canals, through stockbroking and translating behind a desk to being a regional director for a big national language school. But somehow I always come back to teaching. Teaching in a language school or an office of a big company lets me meet so many interesting people. Teaching I can learn so many fascinating things about the world. And when you can also share it all with others, open the same opportunities for them – it’s great!

Jagoda Barut

Hello y ¡Hola! Jestem Jagoda. Kocham góry, muzykę, taniec i książki. Uczę języków od ponad dziesięciu lat. Języki obce to jedna z moich pasji – uwielbiam poznawać nie tylko tajniki gramatyki i słownictwa, ale przede wszystkim kulturę i historię danego kraju. Jako lektorka polska, sama uczyłam się kilku języków na różnych etapach życia i w związku z tym wiem, z jakimi trudnościami borykają się zazwyczaj studenci, a co za tym idzie, wiem jak można im pomóc z tymi trudnościami sobie poradzić. Wierzę, że języka może nauczyć się każdy, trzeba tylko dać się porwać tej niesamowitej przygodzie; a jak powiedział Karol Wielki „Znać inny język to jak posiadać drugą duszę”.

Ewa Wojtowicz

English opens up the world for me – the big wide world that I love to explore when I travel and the intimate world of literature. If I couldn’t speak another language I would feel at a great disadvantage. Teaching gives me a chance to share this, thank god not an exclusive, privilege.

Agnieszka Szyjka

Hello! My name is Agnieszka. I have been teaching English at Prolog since 1999. I also teach Polish to foreigners, which gives me an opportunity to meet people from all over the World. I love my job because it combines my passion for languages and getting to know people. I learn about my students’ lives, interests and cultures. And the truth is every person is unique and has a story to tell! I love music and my favorite band is “The Rolling Stones”! I also like animals, driving, swimming, singing and reading books. However, the thing I love the most in the world is spending time with my daughter, who is 12. She started learning English when she was 1 year old!