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Ania Miodus


Hiya! I am a traveller who fell in love with Krakow and now occasionally leaves this magical city to see what lies beyond ;) I finished Linguistics with minors in German and French at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, going on to a Masters in TEFL in Vermont, USA and becoming a teacher of English in Poland. I love languages, English and Polish being closest to my heart.  In the future, Spanish and Swahili are hopefully on the linguistic menu.


Ewa Wojtowicz


English opens up the world for me - the big wide world that I love to explore when I travel and the intimate world of literature. If I couldn't speak another language I would feel at a great disadvantage. Teaching gives me a chance to share this, thank god not an exclusive, privilege.


Janusz Madej


Hi, my name is Janusz. People often ask me: “Why do you teach English?” Hmm, good question. I’ve always done so many different things in my life – from steering a narrowboat on UK’s canals, through stockbroking and translating behind a desk to being a regional director for a big national language school. But somehow I always come back to teaching. Teaching in a language school or an office of a big company lets me meet so many interesting people. Teaching I can learn so many fascinating things about the world. And when you can also share it all with others, open the same opportunities for them – it’s great!


Gosia Jasińska- Panek


Pracuję w Prologu „od zawsze.” Lubię poznawać nowych ludzi i słuchać, co mają do powiedzenia. Wierzę, że język jest po to, by się komunikować. I tego właśnie oczekuję od moich studentów na zajęciach – żeby mówili!



A graduate of the English Language Teacher Training College at the Academy of Pedagogy in Cracow (BA) and the Institute of English Philology at the Jagiellonian University (MA in English Teaching Methodology). In 1998-1999 - scholarship at the Academy of Pedagogy in Freiburg, Germany. A teacher at Prolog since 1999. Interests: books by Minette Walters, travelling and enjoying life. Demanding, but effective and appreciative of students' hard work!


Ron Mukerji

The teacher… the friend… the solutions-provider. My motto in life is “Aim for the moon… even if you don’t make it to the moon, you’ll be among stars” I get high on ‘knowledge’ on any given subject. As they say … I got too much life…running through my veins… And I forgot to add, I hate unsolved problems.

Helena Rejman


Hi! My name’s Helena and I’m from London although I have got Polish roots it’s true. I finished French and Polish at uni and needless to say I have a passion for languages! I hope to explore some other parts of the world in the future namely South America and learn Spanish on the way. I believe that learning another language gives you so many opportunities. It not only allows you to be able to communicate with other people but you can also understand so much about another person’s culture through language. Apart from my love for languages I’m interested in music and whenever I get the chance I go on trips especially the mountains; I love skiing! I love visiting new places, meeting new people and learning about other cultures.


Hello! My name is Agnieszka. I have been teaching English at Prolog since 1999. I also teach Polish to foreigners, which gives me an opportunity to meet people from all over the World. I love my job because it combines my passion for languages and getting to know people. I learn about my students’ lives, interests and cultures. And the truth is every person is unique and has a story to tell! I love music and my favorite band is “The Rolling Stones”! I also like animals, driving, swimming, singing and reading books. However, the thing I love the most in the world is spending time with my daughter, who is 4. She started learning English when she was 1 year old!


Andy Keogh


"Dzien Dobry! How are you? My name is Andrew and I am an English Teacher from the Worlds first ever Garden City, Letchworth! (google it). Now I live in beautiful Krakow. I love the Human Race, hiking in the Tatra Mountains, painting, trying to learn Polish, music, European history and culture. On Sundays I play soccer for Krakow United. I hope to meet you soon! May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live!"(An Irish Blessing)


Iwona Perek


Sono nata e vivo a Cracovia. Ho finito la facoltà di Lingua e letteratura italiane. Insegno l'italiano da un bel po'. Uso diversi metodi e durante le lezioni cerco di seguire le esigenze dei miei studenti. Vorrei far vedere a tutti come studiare le lingue, specialmente l'italiano, è divertente e dà molta gioia. Vi giuro ne vale la pena.